If you thought barbeque was just about meat, think again.

Barbeque is more than just meat. Barbeque restaurants offer a variety of dishes and flavors, not to mention the barbeque sauce that can be used on any type of food.But there’s something about this iconic dish that makes it so special: it’s all about the process. The slow cooking for hours and hours in a […]

BarbecueGuide: What to eat when you’re at a barbecue restaurant

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According to the American Barbecue Association, Americans love barbecue. In fact, we eat about 12 billion pounds of it a year! You can find barbecues in all sorts of places and for any occasion: backyard parties, cookouts with friends and family on holidays like Independence Day or Memorial Day, large corporate events such as conventions […]

Finding the Perfect Venue: The Benefits of letting Sweet Caroline’s Host

LOCKING DOWN THE PERFECT LOCATION Envision the following scenario. You are looking to host a wedding in the Rock Hill area. Twenty years ago, you might have taken a drive around town and window shopped for the best options. During this time, you’d be secretly hoping you’d come across a location that could check all […]

All About Covid- How we Persevered in the Face of a Pandemic.

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THEY CALLED US CRAZY No one could have ever expected the events of early 2020 where we saw not only the country but the world, turn upside down in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Whether you flocked to the grocery store to pick up supplies or spent those first several weeks enjoying a work-from-home schedule, […]

BBQ 101: New to Barbecue? Our Ultimate Guide to Beginner’s BBQ. 

A BRIEF INTROUCTION to BBQ Even those who love to eat barbecue may not be aware of its roots and history. You’ve probably seen your fair share of barbecue restaurants in Rock Hill SC area or the southern United States in general. Yet how did this all come to be? Most accounts date barbeque back […]

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