BBQ 101: New to Barbecue? Our Ultimate Guide to Beginner’s BBQ. 


Even those who love to eat barbecue may not be aware of its roots and history. You’ve probably seen your fair share of barbecue restaurants in Rock Hill SC area or the southern United States in general. Yet how did this all come to be? Most accounts date barbeque back to Spanish origins following expeditions and conquests in the Caribbean. In fact, the Spanish word barbacoa represents this particular style that originated from the Caribbean. Eventually, this style of tenderizing meat found its way to the American colonies and gained popularity due to its easy methodology. That style would eventually gain widespread attention and find roots in southern states in particular. The foundation of barbecue was its easy and effective way to tenderize meat. Today, that very principle remains a guiding force. Interestingly enough, other BBQ food like cornbread and baked beans, are still considered tradition mainly because they were common surplus items back in the day. Nowadays, those dishes are considered staples in barbecue!


When crafting Sweet Caroline’s menu, we wanted to incorporate quality home cooking into the mix. Barbecue always seemed a fantastic option because it’s relatively easy to learn how to prepare and cook. Southern-style cooking in particular focuses heavily on slow-cooking meats and creating that supple, fall-off-the-bone type of texture. Growing up around barbecue is definitely one way to learn the ropes effectively. At Sweet Caroline’s we merge together old school cooking techniques with innovative flavor profiles. The results are meat that is bursting in flavor, thanks to a distinctive homemade flair. When it comes to getting that perfect texture and style, there are realistically no shortcuts. There are a few different methods for cooking different meats depending on what your desired outcome may be. However, exemplary barbeque takes hours to achieve. Luckily, we take pride in the dedicated cooking process and strongly believe the key to exceptional barbecue is putting in the necessary time. 


In order to deeply appreciate barbecue to its fullest, you have to try the proper sides and sauces. Traditionally, barbecue meat is supplemented by all kinds of delicious sides such as hush puppies, green beans, potato salad, and more. At Sweet Caroline’s BBQ, we offer all of these side dishes in addition to a plethora of other expertly crafted plates. The result is an instant symphony of flavors perfectly playing off of one another. Generally, it’s not hard to decipher which sides you’ll like, even if it’s your first-time having barbecue. Sauces, on the other hand, may take a while to fully grasp. Sweet Caroline’s is in the business of crafting all of our own sauces from scratch. In doing so, we’re able to tightly control their flavor profiles and design them to pair effortlessly with our meats. If it’s your first- time trying barbecue, we’ll help you find the perfect mate for your preferences. We guarantee that once you start enjoying barbecue from Sweet Caroline’s, you’ll be hard-pressed to find other restaurants in Rock Hill SC that offer our level of professional pairings. 

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