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All About Covid- How we Persevered in the Face of a Pandemic.


No one could have ever expected the events of early 2020 where we saw not only the country but the world, turn upside down in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Whether you flocked to the grocery store to pick up supplies or spent those first several weeks enjoying a work-from-home schedule, we shortly realized the pandemic was here to stay. Restaurants in Rock Hill SC, and all across the United States were affected. Naturally, you’d probably call anyone crazy who proposed they wanted to open a business amid a global pandemic. Doubly so for someone who wanted to open a RESTAURANT of all businesses. Understandably, the criticism surrounding the decision made sense, and there was plenty of important things to take into consideration. Nevertheless, there was something about the current state of the world that pushed us further into wanting to provide our food to McConnells, South Carolina. In a time that made no sense, with a future that was (and in some ways still is) uncertain, we felt the opening of Sweet Caroline’s could impact the community in a major way. 


In all honesty, it was a gamble we took when we decided to move forward with Sweet Caroline’s BBQ. To be fair, we knew that opening during Covid-19 would have its unique set of complications. However, opening a restaurant is never an easy task to undergo. There are, in fact, a lot of things that can go wrong and various challenges you need to overcome. We took these challenges in stride and let them be our motivation for how we wanted to proceed. When all’s said and done, we felt there were two main things working in our favor. 
Firstly, we were going to provide people with home-cooked southern comfort food, a necessity during a time where folks were feeling unsure or apprehensive about the future. For many, including the minds behind Sweet Caroline’s, we’ve always viewed food as a way to take care of others. Sweet Caroline’s menu is filled with southern comfort classics for that very reason. We wanted our patrons to feel like they were stepping back into their Grandma or Mom’s kitchen, a place where they could unwind and relax. Sweet Caroline’s could potentially be a place to find respite from the outside world. Secondly, with years of relevant experience in the industry, the minds behind Sweet Caroline’s knew that exceptional food and caring service could sustain the restaurant. We stand by our decision to open the restaurant and have been met with appreciation from the loving folks in the Rock Hill area. We needed the community and the community needed us.

BBQ Restaurant South Carolina
BBQ Restaurant South Carolina


Impeccable hygiene and a clean dining room are important whether we’re facing a global pandemic or not. If you’re looking for places to eat in York SC and the surrounding areas, Sweet Caroline’s is just the place for you. Our dining room is kept sparkling clean to reduce any issues of hygiene or cross-contamination. As normalcy begins to find its way back into the country and world at large, we remain dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable space for you to enjoy a hot, made-from-scratch meal. Sweet Caroline’s will continue to be synonymous with carefulness and operate in a smart and conscientious capacity. 

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