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All About Catering: The Best Tips for Ensuring Your Party Goes Off Without Issue


Let’s face it, having your party or event catered is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve your party. Not only does it help alleviate any stress you might feel with having to provide food, but it also gets your guests excited for the event. Likewise, it’s hard to go wrong with BBQ food as it’s generally easy to transport and definitely a fan favorite. When you need BBQ in Rock Hill SC, Sweet Caroline’s is your go-to for stress-free catering. Nevertheless, here are our tips for how to ensure your event catering goes off without a hitch.

Find a caterer you trust! Just because you love a restaurant’s food, doesn’t mean they’re automatically a good choice for a catering job. If you ask a restaurant about their catering options, and they don’t have any solid plans or prices, there’s a good chance they’ve never done a catering job before! The last thing you want is a no-show caterer, especially if they’re going to be supplying your party’s only food. A reputable caterer will walk you through the process from start to finish letting you know what to expect. If your caterer isn’t giving you clear instructions or making their services seem too good to be true, you should look elsewhere.
Find a menu you like! Sweet Caroline’s restaurant offers a comprehensive catering menu that brings southern classics to your party. It’s hard not to go crazy over an expertly prepared brisket or a heaping serving of thick and creamy mac and cheese. Case in point, find yourself a menu that you like and will enjoy eating at your own party. Don’t miss out on a good menu just because you’re unsure about how guests will react. With that in mind, BBQ is usually a crowd-pleaser because it offers a wide selection of various sides and entrees. Barbecue can account for nearly every food group, guaranteed to have your guests leaving full and satisfied.

BBQ Restaurant South Carolina
BBQ Restaurant South Carolina

Start shopping around until you have a budget: When planning your party or event, it’s a good idea to account for your budget in every category. Before you start shopping around for caterers and other party contractors, write out a budget that breaks down what you’re willing to spend and on what. If food is the most important part of your event, set aside a hefty chunk of money for catering. Even if you’re willing to splurge on a catering package from one of the best family restaurants in Rock Hill SC, we recommend you cover your bases and have a strict number for how much you’ll pay. That way, you’ll be less tempted to overspend when you know exactly how much you’re willing to allocate towards catering.
Hire a restaurant for catering without trying the food: Above all else, always sample the food before you hire a restaurant for their catering services! It might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes you can be drawn in by low prices, or a seriously convenient setup that you forgo trying the food. If your schedule is swamped and you don’t have the time to sample anything, go with somewhere you’ve been before. There’s nothing worse than having guests leave your event or party frustrated and hungry. At Sweet Caroline’s BBQ, we’re more than happy to let you test-drive our food for your catering event. Don’t get lured in by prices and convenience, we provide exceptional BBQ for your event. 

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  1. I love your idea about making sure your caterer is giving clear and simple instructions. My daughter has a severe nut allergy and she is trying to be vegetarian. We are having a small wedding banquet and we’d like to get catering. I think it would be nice if we brought lots of dishes that she could enjoy without worrying.

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